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The Artist
Gladys Mary Redmayne was born to Frank Giles Redmayne and Annie Salter Redmayne 1887 February 14 in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Married to Harvey Thorne 1912 September 30.
They had two children, Nancy and Mary, who feature in some of her work. As do her grandchildren, Peter, Michael (Nancy’s children) and Diana, Nicolas, Mark (Mary’s children).
She died 1963 December 24 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
She worked mostly in pastels, but also produced many fine oils and some watercolours. It is possible that this collection does not reflect the balance of the formats - she may have sold/given away more oils or watercolours.
Gladys was my Maternal Grandmother.

The Catalogue
This catalogue is the first attempt to catalogue her work. As such, it is known to be incomplete. If you have some of her work, or know of some, then please contact me.

I would be grateful to anyone who allows me to photograph her work. All rights would, of course, remain with the current owner(s). Or if you prefer, send a photograph with a detailed description.
If you have more information or comments on the paintings featured here, then please send that too. Such as true location, date, etc.
This collection is presented in no particular order (suggestions are welcome).
Names assigned to the paintings are assigned with the following priority:
1. "Title" - quoted text indicates a title assigned by the artist.
2. Location or Person Name.
3. General description.
Measurements are recorded in inches, because that was the system in effect at the time of her work. All measurements are approximate.
"A Quiet Pair"Barn At UnionvilleHerring Cove Or Blue RockBeaver LodgeBeaver Site In WinterDiana On BeachMary, Diana, Nicolas, Mark On BeachDianaDiana Look-A-LikeNicolas (miniature)FiresideImmigration (1)Immigration (2)Immigration (3)Joseph HoweMary On IceMaryNancyPeteA Boy (Mike?)